“Learning from Alasdair MacIntyre”: a reflection on ISME’s annual conference

On July morning, over 60 philosophers, theologians, students and humble fans gathered for the twelfth consecutive year to celebrate and learn from the work of Alasdair MacIntyre. Unlike many other conferences, the International… Continue reading

The Business of Teaching

Aspen Undergrad Consortium 2018, Featuring the Business of Teaching In June 2018, The Aspen Institute and Copenhagen Business School jointly designed and hosted the Aspen Undergraduate Consortium, featuring the Business of Teaching. Over… Continue reading

Building resources to rethink the ethical framework of professional practice

The repeated scandals and continuing financial malfeasance, such as the case of Carillion, Volkswagen, and famous Enron and WorldCom, have implicated accounting professionals and challenged their attributed role as ‘gatekeepers’ and the trustworthiness… Continue reading

Inspiring the love of​ wisdom in accounting students

This is a short documentary about our pilot programme Philosophy for Accountancy – part of the pioneering work of AuditFutures project at the Institute for Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.    Philosophy for… Continue reading

“Re-Designing (business) Education” – CPD workshops

As part of ICAEW’s AuditFutures University project, I have collaborated with Martin Martinoff to design and lead a number of innovative and interactive workshops for educators and faculties within leading business schools in the country.… Continue reading

Reviving the notion of telos in teaching ethics in accounting

(*This blog was initially published in the ICAEW academic community – https://ion.icaew.com/academia/b/blog/posts/reviving-the-notion-of-telos-purpose-in-teaching-ethics-in-accounting)   Recently, the AuditFutures programme launched the “Future Professional” report, which envisions the ‘professional’ as someone more than an excellent technician but… Continue reading

Repurposing Philosophy for democratising education

50th Anniversary Conference of PESGB This weekend 28th March 2015, the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain celebrated its 50th Anniversary, with conference bathed in exuberance at New College, Oxford. The stars… Continue reading

Inspiring the love of wisdom

This blog was originally posted on the AuditFutures website, as part of the AuditFutures University programme. Would a philosopher make a better banker? – an unexpected question for the fifty first-year students who just began… Continue reading

Battle of Ideas 2014

Shaping the Future Through Debate and Why Philosophy matters more than ever   The Battle of Ideas festival was set up 10 years ago, by the Institute of Ideas and a range of partners,… Continue reading

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