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Building resources to rethink the ethical framework of professional practice

The repeated scandals and continuing financial malfeasance, such as the case of Carillion, Volkswagen, and famous Enron and WorldCom, have implicated accounting professionals and challenged their attributed role as ‘gatekeepers’ and the trustworthiness… Continue reading

Reviving the notion of telos in teaching ethics in accounting

(*This blog was initially published in the ICAEW academic community –   Recently, the AuditFutures programme launched the “Future Professional” report, which envisions the ‘professional’ as someone more than an excellent technician but… Continue reading

Inspiring the love of wisdom

This blog was originally posted on the AuditFutures website, as part of the AuditFutures University programme. Would a philosopher make a better banker? – an unexpected question for the fifty first-year students who just began… Continue reading

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