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Welcome to my sitе, which encompasses my blog posts and portfolio of projects and services. Have a read…but before you do that, here is a little bit about me…

I am a social scientist interested in liberal arts education, professional development, learning sciences and moral philosophy. I am passionate about fostering practical wisdom, authenticity and reflective thinking in an era of complexity, superficiality and moral division. Through my research and consulting practice, I humbly aim to revive philosophical dialogue at all levels of policy-making, academia and practice – where evidence-based policy goes beyond positivism and critical theories in academia become more relevant to the paradoxical realities of practice. I am not so much concerned with the future of Artificial Intelligence, as much as I am concerned with the robotisation of humanity at large. Therefore, part of my mission is to engage, disrupt and foster intrapreneurship in order to enable wiser decisions, authenticity and creative thinking.

My academic research focuses on key issues of future skills, professional education and pedagogy. I work with professional bodies, HE institutions and firms to design, inform and implement holistic teaching practices and value-driven curricula. The methods I have developed engage with philosophical inquiry and constructivist pedagogy to foster social and creative intelligence, to cultivate character and moral agency in young professionals. I am a great supporter and associate of Philosophy for Children, and a member of Philosophy of Education Society Great Britain.

Formerly a visiting lecturer at the University of Roehampton and University of Manchester Business School, and an associate of the Philosophy of Education Society Great Britain and the Society for the Advancement of Philosophy.

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