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Rabin’s Parable

The atmosphere of the fifties was charged with initiatives for manifestations, socio-cultural revisions and the ideas for individualism and openness. Within circle of relatives and friends, the artists of Lianozovo found their own… Continue reading

The Decline of Trust in Post-Communist Societies: The Case of Bulgaria and Russia

After the fall of communism in Bulgaria and Russia, the form of underground communities still remained in the collective consciousness, as people became even more secluded around their tight circles of family and… Continue reading

On the Threshold

Background “This is not a movement in art, not a new or fashionable style which is fated to disappear quickly. No, it is a new genre.”[i] It is the world of the total installation.… Continue reading

Visual Fragmentations in the Eastern Bloc…

Visual Fragmentations in the Eastern Bloc…The sun peaks above the Rhodope Mountains as its heavenly beams hit the sky-high gray blocks, dispersed throughout the ‘new’ Bulgarian capitol of Sofia.  These rigid concrete structures… Continue reading

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